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==COMING SOON==▲ Wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm▲ Pulse Width: 300-500 ps▲ Focus Tip and Fractional TipMod⋯
◎US and Taiwan FDA cleared.▲ Spectrum: 400-1200 nm▲ Filters: 420-1200nm, 510-1200nm, 560-1200nm, 610⋯
◎US and Taiwan FDA cleared.◎755+810+1064nm three-wavelength Handpiece for different SKIN TYPES and H⋯
==COMING SOON==◎ Non-invasive laser treatment.◎ Contact Cooling for comfort.▲ Wavelength: 1060 nm▲ N⋯
==COMING SOON==◎ Multi-line output provides the efficient and effortless treatment.◎ All parameters ⋯
◎ US and Taiwan FDA cleared.◎ 2 kinds of handpieces for versatile treatments.◎ FREEHAND DRAWING and ⋯
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