ST-990 Multi-function Workstation

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ST-990 Multi-function Workstation combines IPL and Hair Removal Diode Laser technology, which offers various skin treatments on one single device.

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ST-990 Multi-function Workstation
The Multi-functional and Space-saving Choice


What Does ST-990 Have to Offer?
ST-990 Multi-function Workstation, the latest workstation from Smedtrum, combines IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and Hair Removal Diode Laser technology, bringing permanent hair removal, acne treatment, pigmentation reducing, and skin rejuvenation treatments all together in one device.

IPL Covers A Variety of Skin Issues
IPL with wavelengths ranging from 420nm to 1,200 nm, can treat different dermal problems. The device comes with various filters, creating the best treatment experience for the patients.


Diode Laser Optimizes Hair Removal Treatment
Diode laser is effective for permanent hair removal. The dual wavelength (755nm + 810nm) handpiece is suitable for most people.


The Dual Wavelengths
755nm wavelength is effective for light-colored thin hair and light skin tone (Fitzpatrick Skin type I, II, III), while the hair removal golden standard 810nm wavelength is much safer for people with darker skin color, and is ideal for removing body hair in arms, legs, cheeks and beard.


●Permanent hair removal
●Epidermal pigment, spots and freckles removal
●Acne treatment
●Vascular lesions treatment
●Skin rejuvenation




Handpiece IPL
Wavelength 420-1200nm
Spot size 15*50 mm, with various filters
Handpiece Hair Removal Diode Laser
Wavelength 755/810 nm
Laser Output 600W
Spot Size 12*16 mm
Sapphire Tip Cooling -4℃ ~ 4℃

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