ST-805 Hair Removal Diode Laser System

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Diode laser represents a new generation of laser hair removal devices, which provides the permanent hair removal treatments to be more efficient and precise. Smedtrum ST-805 Diode Laser System comes with a handpiece of different wavelengths, offering a customized and satisfying effect.

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ST-805 Hair Removal Diode Laser System
The 21st Century Technique for Permanent Hair Removal


What is Diode Laser?
Diode laser uses a semiconductor as the laser-active medium. Due to the “selective photothermolysis theory,” with laser of different wavelength selected according to the feature of different chromophore, certain effect can be reached.


The wavelength of a diode laser is decided by the energy gap of the semiconductor. Thus, by choosing different material, various wavelengths are created to provide optimal and patient-centric treatments that lead to enhanced results.

Diode Laser for Permanent Hair Removal
The laser energy of Smedtrum ST-805 Hair Removal Diode Laser System targets the bulge and bulb of the hair follicle, thus remove the hair thoroughly with minimized risk, and additionally rejuvenate the skin. Furthermore, according to the different absorption rate of melanin to different wavelength, patients of different races can receive the most suitable treatment when proper wavelength is selected, eventually achieves ideal results with less unnecessary damage.


Handpieces of Multi-wavelength


Smedtrum ST-805 Diode Laser system offers handpieces of 2 different wavelengths for different types of hair and skin color.

The 755nm wavelength
The energy is highly absorbed by the melanin and specifically effective for light-colored thin hair and light skin tone (Fitzpatrick Skin type I, II, III). Also, its shallow penetration makes it ideal for superficially embedded hair in areas such as the eyebrows and upper lip.

The 810nm wavelength
It’s also known as the “Golden Standard Wavelength,” in which it is absorbed moderately by the melanin. Therefore, the 810nm wavelength diode laser is suitable for all skin types, and much safer for people with darker skin color, as well as ideal for arms, legs, cheeks and beard.


Handpiece with Sapphire Cooling Tip
The tip of the handpieces is sapphire, providing a contact cooling temperature between -4℃ and 4℃, preventing the superficial skin scalding and ensuring the comfort during the treatment.


Multiple Modes Designed
For hair removal, Smedtrum ST-805 Hair Removal Diode Laser System already has several pre-set modes ready.
●Professional Mode gives a more flexible interface for parameters setting
●SHRT Mode give you suggestions according to the selected body parts
●Stack Mode provides treatment programs for smaller parts like fingers or upper lip area
●SSR mode combines a hair removal treatment with skin rejuvenation



Wavelength 755/810 nm
Laser Output 600W
Spot Size 12*16 mm
Sapphire Tip Cooling -4℃ ~ 4℃

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