ST-790 Phototherapy System

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Phototherapy system is composed of arrays of LED light bulbs to perform various light treatments, including alleviating severe cystic acne, skin resurfacing, wound repairing, and anti-inflammation.

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Phototheraphy ST-790 KV

ST-790 Phototherapy System

A Powerful LED Light Therapy Device with 6 Lights

ST-790 is a LED light-emitting device enabling practitioners to perform light-based treatments. Each LED bulb is 18 watts. The unique LED bulb comes in 4 wavelengths to create 6 kinds of lights including red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, and infrared light. ST-790 can be used for beauty maintenance as well as in medical fields.



Phototherapy, some refer to as LED light therapy, is a treatment method using light. The treatment can be called PDT (Photodynamic Therapy) when additional medication is applied as a photosensitizer. Both Phototherapy and PDT are non-invasive and versatile in a wide range of fields.

With strong emitting LED lights, the photo-biomodulation process will be activated in the targeted tissue. The energy of light will be absorbed by the cytochrome in mitochondria to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which will generate the cells to reproduce and renew, meanwhile stimulating the production of more collagen and elastin in the tissue.

6 Lights for Various Treatments 
ST-790 Phototherapy device offers different colors of light treatment. Each of them comes with different effects.


● Blue light (415nm): Acne treatment
● Green light (520nm): Improving lymph circulation, body contouring
● Red light (630nm): Skin recovering, anti-pigmentation, hair treatment
● Magenta light (630nm + 415nm): Decrease epidermal melanin
● Yellow light (630nm + 520nm): Blood circulation for vascular lesions
● IR light (850nm): Reduction of inflammation for pain relief

The yellow light and magenta light are mixed with lights of two different wavelengths.
The IR light can be used with or without other color-lights.

Multiple Preset Treatment Mode
ST-790 programmed different combinations of lights into various treatments, providing a light therapy device of diversity and creativity.


● Aesthetic treatments (anti-ageing, anti-pigmentation, etc.)
● Post-surgical treatments
● Repair treatments (scars, burns, stretch marks, etc.)
● Dermatologic treatments (acne)
● Hair and scalp treatment
● Body contouring




Number of panels

3 to 4

Number of LED

60 LEDs/panel

●3 panels: 180 LEDs

●4 panels: 240 LEDs

Power of LED


Treatment area


●3 panels: 900cm2

●4 panels: 1200cm2

Operation mode

Treatment mode (all data preset)

Professional mode

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