ST-350 CO2 Laser System

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Smedtrum ST-350 CO2 Laser System is designed for dermatological treatment, scar repairing and skin resurfacing. The fractional ablative CO2 laser enables therapists to perform effective treatments for uneven skin texture.

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ST-350 CO2 Laser System
Powerful but Gentle, For the Deep Scars


Smedtrum ST-350 CO2 Laser System is versatile with skin lesions removal, scar repairing and skin resurfacing. The fractional ablative CO2 laser helps to regenerate the skin collagen and activate healing process therefore shorten the downtime.

How Does Fractional Ablative CO2 Laser Work?
CO2 laser system generates the laser light of 10600 nm wavelength, which is easily absorbed by water in the skin tissue. By absorbing the energy of CO2 laser, the water in the targeted tissue will reach its boiling point and evaporate.

With the evaporation in the targeted area, the nearby skin tissues absorb some of the heat and coagulate to stop the bleeding. On the other hand, the thermal stimulation will go deep into the dermis layer and activate the formation of new collagen, therefore rejuvenates the skin and smoothens scars.

The Fractional Mode Facilitate Healing Process
The fractional mode delivers laser beam into thousands of Microscopic Treatment Zones (MTZs) which target a fraction of the skin at a time. By creating MTZ, the laser beam concentrates withing the zone while the surrounding tissues remain intact. Those unaffected tissues can therefore help with healing process and shorten the downtime. 

Fractional Mode with Multiple Patterns



The fractional mode of ST-350 CO2 Laser System delivers laser emission in 9 shapes, including circle, donut, square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon, parallelogram, vertical and horizontal lines.


ST-350 supports free drawing mode, enabling physicians to draw a customized shape to match with the treatment area.


Handpiece for Easy Operation

ST-350 Smedtrum CO2 Laser System comes in 3 kinds of handpiece.

●Fractional handpiece with spot size 20mm*20mm.

●Normal handpiece comes with 50mm and 100mm.

The beam is delivered out in a multi-jointed arm enabling the practitioner to operate freely.

High Spot Density
For spot density, we have 12 levels for selection, ranging from 25 to 3025 DPA(dot per area)/cm2. The wide range of spot density can be applied in various dermal treatment conditions.

Ultra-short Pulse Duration
Smedtrum ST-350 CO2 Laser offers a broad range of pulse duration from 0.1ms to 375ms. It’s incorporated into 4 levels for selection to help physicians achieve treatment precision. The pulse duration minimum 0.1ms enhances treatment safety.


●Scar repairing: acne scar, burn scar, sunken scar, surgical scar, etc.
●Wrinkles reduction: crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, frown lines, smile lines, fine lines, skin laxity, stretch marks, etc.
●Pigmented lesions: dyschromia, nevus, freckles, warts, etc.
●Skin resurfacing: large pore, uneven texture, rough skin, dark skin, light damage, etc.
●Dermal lesions: syringoma, condyloma, seborrheic, etc.
●Incision & excision
ST350-CO2-laser-manufacturer Specifications

Key Benefit of ST-350 CO2 Laser

●Versatile for dermatological treatments

●Various scanning patterns, free drawing mode for precise treatment

●High energy, ultra-short pulse width

●Broad spectrum of pulse width, Broad range of spot density for choice








Operation Mode

Normal Mode / Fractional Mode

Pulse Width


Dot Density

25 to 3025 DPA/cm2

Spot size

20mm * 20mm

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