ST-250 Fiber Laser System

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Fiber Laser is a matured technology for skin resurfacing and scar repairing. ST-250, the fractional and non-ablative fiber laser targets the tissue water and produce micro treatment zones without damaging surrounding cells; therefore, it performs great results with minimized downtime.

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ST-250 Fiber Laser System
A Mild but Effective Option for Skin Resurfacing


What does 1550nm Fiber Laser do?
Smedtrum ST-250 Fiber Laser System uses Erbium-doped optical fiber material to radiate laser light in non-ablative 1550nm wavelength. The laser beam is divided into thousands of micro beams and creates microscopic treatment zones (also known as microthermal treatment zone, MTZ) that can accurately target a fraction of the skin at a time.

In each MTZ, the old pigmented cells are expelled, and the thermal energy penetrates into the dermis layer to stimulate the formation of new collagen; Therefore, it can thicken the dermis fiber and rejuvenate our skin to smoother condition.


The mechanism of MTZs enables skin damage to be confined within these created columns in the skin, leaving the surrounding skin tissue intact. As a result, faster healing and fewer side effects are achieved.

Different Scanning Patterns
The scanning system of ST-250 Fiber Laser System offers 4 size-adjustable shapes including circle, square, triangle, and hexagon. Furthermore, the hand-drawing function allows the laser emission comes in customized shapes.


High Spot Density
ST-250 Fiber Laser System offers 12 levels of energy density for selection, ranging from 25 to 3025 PPA/cm2, which can be applied to a wide range of treatment demands.

●Scar repairing:
acne scar, burn scar, sunken scar, surgical scar, etc.
●Wrinkles reducing:
crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, frown lines, smile lines, fine lines, skin laxity, stretch marks, etc.
●Skin resurfacing:
large pore, uneven texture, rough skin, dark skin, light damage, etc.



Wavelength 1550nm
Pulse Density 25 to 3025 PPA/cm2, in 12 levels
Operation Mode Array/Random

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