About Smedtrum

Smedtrum Medical Technology Co. Ltd, founded in 2019, is a Taiwan-based developer and manufacturer of medical aesthetic equipment. Headquartered in New Taipei City, Smedtrum started as a local business and is striving to expand worldwide.

With its strong faith in technology bettering lives, Smedtrum is created out of an ambition to participate in the evolving medical aesthetics industry. Smedtrum has planned a product portfolio focusing on non-invasive treatment systems, including laser, intense pulsed lights, phototherapy, and HIFU devices.

Smedtrum's strength lies within its R&D, manufacturing, selling and after-sale service capabilities. Investments in the establishment of an R&D center, as well as an ISO 13485 and QMS standard-compliant factory, ensure our products to be high quality.

Smedtrum, working and thriving together with the aesthetics community locally and internationally, aims to become the leading pilot of Taiwan's medical aesthetics industry.

Brand Story

Smedtrum is a brand specializing in the development of medical aesthetic devices under Smedtrum Medical Technology. The name SMEDTRUM is coined from the abbreviation of the words “Spectrum” and “Medicine,” representing our commitment to society. Through photonic and medical technology, we are moving towards a healthier and better world.

Rooted in precise science, Smedtrum is detail-oriented down in every aspect of high-quality product creation. The “+” pattern of our logo represents a laser aiming point while symbolizing our determination and consistency to precision. From the R&D process, quality safety and control, treatment efficacy, to imaging building strategies, Smedtrum is consistent with its principle of precision.

"Be the Sparkling Miracle" is the limitless power we see from everyone. Smedtrum believes technology brings out our own beauty and makes us be the sparkling miracle. For the future, we are here to create, deliver, and witness more miracle moments.

Quality Policy

Exceed Regulations, Strive for Quality

Commit to Development, Aim for Sustainability



We grow with a global vision and aim to link up
with the world.



We bring inspiring talents together and focus on
precise science to innovate in technology.



We are detail-oriented and go beyond
international standards to provide the best
quality of products.



We advance ourselves with technology
development and build up long-term
relationships with customers.

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